Prices and Policies


Personal Statement Workshop: $595

One-on-One Session: $150/hour (prorated)

Online Essay Review: $150/hour (prorated)

Why/Supplement Workshop: $295

The following is included with any workshop or 1:1 fees:

• A monthly newsletter with news about applications, tips on time management/writing, and updates on current work with composed. You may, of course, opt out of these.

• An invitation to attend our “What’s Next” information session in late August/early September. This will include information about what supplemental writing appears on applications and how composed Specialists can help keep students and parents organized in the fall.

• Guaranteed access to a Writing Specialist for on-line essay review or 1:1 meetings throughout the season.


Summer Personal Statement Workshop policies and fees

• A non-refundable $300 deposit is required to secure any workshop spot. 

• The remaining payment is due no later than the day of the workshop.

• Students and parents/guardians are expected to complete their questionnaires through the registration website at least two weeks prior to their workshop meeting.

• Students will receive workshop preparation materials approximately two weeks prior to the workshop and must complete the work ahead of the session. This work takes 1 - 2 hours to complete. Much of the workshop is based on these materials, and students must complete the assignment.

• Workshops are an 8-hour session and include: information about all college application writing, brainstorming topics, writing exercises, writing time, two 20-minute 1:1 meetings and one follow-up Stay Composed writing session.

• Students will be expected to complete some or all writing prior to their Stay Composed writing session during which a Writing Specialist will review and comment on the agreed-upon drafts in progress. Any writing to be reviewed in the session must be sent 48 hours ahead of time. Students forfeit this review if they do not attend a writing session before September 15th.

• All workshop students and their parents should read the policies and fees for 1:1 Work and Writing Specialist Meeting Availability below in case the student decides to return for more work with composed following his or her workshop.


1:1 Work policies and fees

• A non-refundable $300 deposit is required to secure a first meeting for any student who is beginning work as a 1:1 student. 

• A first meeting is typically 1.25 hours, so the remaining deposit will be applied to our hourly rate for essay review and/or another meeting (this equals about 45 minutes of additional work). A typical first draft of an essay takes approximately 40-80 minutes.

• If a student has already taken a workshop, there is no deposit necessary for 1:1 work.

• Students and parents/guardians are expected to complete their registration at least two weeks prior to the student’s first meeting.

• Students must come to their first 1:1 meeting with the composed homework complete. This assignment takes 1 - 2 hours to complete.

• We expect most students to have done no work on college essay topics prior to a first meeting; however, if you have already done some work, please let us know ahead of time, and send any drafts in progress.

• Once a student is up and running with his or her writing, he or she is expected to submit essays-in-progress at least 48 hours prior to a meeting.

• Families will be billed for time used for meeting preparation - including essay review - and time spent in meetings. (If a meeting is scheduled for 1.25 hours but the meeting only lasts .75 hours, families will be billed for the .75 hours.)

• There is a minimum 10-minute charge for any meeting and/or pre-meeting essay review.

• We allow 1.5 hours for supplement planning meetings.


On-line Essay Review policies

• On-line essay review is billed at the same rate as our 1:1 work ($150/hour).

• There is a minimum 10-minute charge for any meeting and/or pre-meeting essay review.

• Essays sent for on-line review may be reviewed by any composed Writing Specialists.

• composed Writing Specialists will return essays within 7 days of receipt of essay.


composed writing specialist availability policies

• All Workshops, 1:1 meetings and Stay Composed writing sessions should be scheduled online through this website (see “Book a Session” )

• Typically, Writing Specialists book about 2 weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly.

• Writing Specialists set deadlines for essay submission for review as application dates near; these are typically two weeks prior to the application due date (i.e. last day to send us UC essays - due 11/30 - is around 11/10).

• Writing Specialists do take “Essays Over Email ONLY” weeks as well as “No Availability” days (or weeks),  particularly in summer. Please check the calendar and/or newsletter for these dates.